Smart Buildings – Domestic Building Management System

The challenge

The Partners are keen to have more visibility of maintenance needs in social housing and small commercial buildings such as pubs. This is to empower the building users to engage more fully with energy efficiency, as well as property and services maintenance.

They are therefore looking for a centrally managed, but locally delivered domestic building management system, that will support their operations UK-wide.

While there are a number of in-home energy monitoring solutions on the market, the Partners are not aware of any whole house and asset management solutions that can bring multiple separate systems together under one unifying platform.

Activities such as gaining access for gas checks is a particular issue they would like to address. The solution will support Partners in post-evaluation of energy efficiency interventions and long-term decarbonisation of their asset base.

The solutions we are seeking

The Partners are seeking a full property utility monitoring solution, that can interact with both the end user and asset owner. The system should be designed to support maintenance regimes, utility monitoring and behaviour change programmes that drive down utility usage.

A highly visual in-property interface to assist users for whom English is not a first language would be ideal.

The solution should provide multiple levels of access, permitting limited control in the case of some tenants, and higher-level control for building managers.

A retrofit solution would be preferred with limited disturbance to the building fabric.

Selection criteria

Low cost and scalable across 100+ properties.

Ability to provide early indication of potential issues centrally and simple visuals locally.

Compatibility with other smart home devices.

Access control for multiple levels of user.

Payback in 6 years.