Smart space-utilisation analytics

The challenge

The Partners are seeking to gain more insight into space utilisation across their estates.

They want access to reliable, well-presented and analysed data that will support and enable them to make informed decisions on where to place new services, how to resource them and how to modify future spaces to optimise usage, customer experience and revenues.

The spaces that this challenge is applicable to includes offices, leisure centres, libraries/study areas, cafes and central circulation areas. The sectors include public sector and universities.

The solutions we are seeking

The ideal solution would have two main components:

A physical monitoring solution that monitors space usage with privacy and security paramount in its design (i.e. the data can be anonymous, where required.)

A user-friendly data analytics platform

The Partners would be interested in exploring solutions that have insight capabilities beyond presentation of data on a platform. For example: solutions that could accurately tell a building manager how to heat a building based on occupancy or where to place interactive display equipment would be very appealing.

Selection criteria

A well-established solution that can be quickly implemented.

Solution must be tamper-proof and unobtrusive to building occupiers.

Low cost

Solution must be scalable across large estates with the capability of storing large volumes of data.

Security of data obtained is paramount.