Smart Buildings - User interaction

The challenge

The Partners are seeking digital communication solutions that can help broaden geographical reach to their customer base. The objective is to enhance user comfort with a focus on health, wellbeing and satisfaction. As a secondary feature, our Partners would like to improve operational efficiencies.

Examples of the types of communications sought include promoting/streaming services such as leisure activities to address isolation and fitness, full leasing process tracking and robust communication channels for queries. Manual leasing processes can lead to errors and inconsistencies which result in a high volume of inbound customer queries.

The Partners have a number of siloed contact solutions, which deliver both automated and non-automated customer interactions. However, these are not consistent across operations, and an estate-wide solution would avoid duplication.

The solutions we are seeking

It is possible that several innovations may need to work together to achieve a solution for this challenge.

Partners would be interested in a backend platform that will help them develop and curate content to be delivered to customers. Ideally, the system will have a self-learning capability, analysing customer interactions to create or alert to requirements for new content, and providing intelligence regarding types and volumes of customer contacts.

Another aspect will be a service that facilitates content streaming to verified customers, into communal spaces or to customers’ electronic devices. The solution would be based on customer access and membership and not open to the public.

Additionally, a software solution that supports central management of customer interactions such as housing applications is sought. This would allow the customer to track their applications, as well as allowing the Partner organisation improved control over the housing data that is displayed.

A solution would need to be compatible with the Partner’s existing systems. These systems are spread over a number of geographical locations and would have impact across a number of business areas. Of high importance is an open API and ability for integration across different systems.

Selection criteria

Cost competitive with current practice.

A solution that is capable of providing an uplift in customer satisfaction and retention.

Channel agnostic and future proof.

Gaining payback in less than 5 years, 2 years more ideal.